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All about cool gadgets you may want to use and you will need.
Technology and gadgets, Episode 1
The new gossip all around the globe.
Latest gossip, Episode 1
What we have learned and what was the best.
All the best, Episode 2
How they are acting in modern era and how they support the globe.
What are celebrities doing?, Episode 3
What would take you to become a celebrity?
How to become one, Episode 4
All the lasted news, tested and approved.
The truth, Episode 5
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We have created a new radio that works across the world but at the same time offers you all the right news and ingredients you will need and you will want in your home city. There are no limits whatsoever and you can listen to us as long as you like.

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John Jones

News anchor

He is responsible for the news that happen worldwide, but at the same time the ones that happen in your city or in your street.


Marianne Lukas


She will be responsible for healthy news, for music and so much more. You can listen to her podcast at any moment.


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Our shows are loaded with useful details, with just right ingredients you will love. There are a lot of useful things we will like to share with you and we are going to do that as soon as possible.

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